Thursday, August 02, 2007

On Building Bridges

Whilst contractors and engineers and politicians have many incentives to cut corners when producing public works which will not be consumed at any kind of margin, but "freely", private entities have the incentive to make their infrastructure double strong and of higher quality in order to produce a superior product, while meeting costs precisely at the margin.

That said, my physics professor waxed eloquent on the marvels of science, engineering, and the human mind in a way that would make Ayn Rand gush.

Bridges and buildings are a wondrous thing, and the more I travel and stare at them the more I marvel. Oh, what things man hath wrong out of rock and sand! What a reflection of the mind of the creator in man's creations.


Anonymous said...

Why do I walk in the desert towards a mirage? Is it that I really thirst for water? Or is it that sand wants to be molded by my mind into something as wondrous and marvelous as glass window panes, concrete slams, and an erection of shiny edifices. Ayn Rand saw beyond the mirage.

Juris Naturalist said...

Nice comment. Do you have a blog?