Monday, August 20, 2007

Obfuscation is the Mother of Invention

As a member of the next generation of economists, I was glad to receive a short education in econometrics earlier today, which previous generations will certainly be familiar with, to the point of it being a cliche.

Now the problem reveals itself to be related directly to the quantity of upper extreme appendages normally attached to upright biped inspectors of dismal occurances.

Gavel bang to Mankiw.


deja leke said...

There are a few questions that come about from this line of thinking.
Yes immigrants have basic rights but who's job is it to fill those needs? Your answer is the church but your assumption is the American church. Why not support their local church and in doing so not kill their economy but help it as well?

You see I think that the people who are willing to follow our laws are not the problem, nor are they the problem of their country. They are the willing and able more likely than not and what will happen to their country if we take them in to ours? Then as a result what will happen to America if this country falls? Being salt and light, being helpful does not always mean we take in and hold on sometimes it means we send more out. If we really wanted to help we would stop putting bandaids on gushing wounds.

Why would we allow people into our homeland without them being willing to work for it , to follow our laws , to become educated? Our ancestors got on boats risked their lives and pledged themselves for the opportunity to live in this country. When we went to war they signed up to go too and died with pride for the right to live in this land. What are todays immigrants doing to show their love and loyalty to America?

Just because a group seems to have a good heart and a large following of christian people does that mean they are right? Can't the words of God be twisted? From such a thing the origional sin was brought out. There are just as many verses that state rebuke against the sluggard the lazy, the rule breakers, the continually dependant. Why not apply these verses as well?
I think their are three different types of immegrants. Those who know how and are willing to work hard, thought the minority. They should be granted citizenship through a well fitted process and be treated fairly when this is achieved. They should be faught for when this is achieved. However what in my opinion what they should do,in the ideal world, is, with their new found faith go back to thier country and help lead, help heal thier land. The second group are those who live by the lazy river of woe is me osmosis. They will go to wherever they can get the most help from for doing the least amount of work possible. They move about like water with no true home, conviction or commitment. To them we should not be down stream. The third group consists of those only out for themselves but also possesing skills. They come and peck at our lands resources to go back to their own they are unwilling to follow our rules or respect our boundries. To them I say,"thief!" They deserve a low wage for the way they are screwing up our economy! They have no intention of ever respecting our land, our homes. Are you willing to risk our safety for them even while they squander our resources?
We should treat America like it is something worth fighting for, not a catch all. The fight starts with us.
How many Americans do you know who are actually living like they are willing to fight for this country? Why not more? Maybe we should find out the answer to this question first. How many people can a sinking ship save after all?

All of this in response, as you stated, to people not in fatal risk.

Shawn said...

ooo...I got it...."I want a one-handed economist"

now, to go check my answer...