Friday, May 04, 2007

Turn on the Radio, nah...

Why does radio suck? Why are we only offered the same 200 or so songs everyday. I used to think that my day would be incomplete if I did not hear Wilson-Phillips "It's Gonna Be Alright". Now every time I get into my car to drive to school I hear a song by AC/DC. And somehow, I find that refreshing. Probably because I never listened to AC/DC before.

Well, once again, we have the government to thank. Why are there gaps between radio stations? Why does my dial scan from 88.1 to 89.7 without stopping somewhere in between? Why are all the signals on odd decimal numbers?

What if you saw the same phenomenon on a city block? There's a house at 102, but lots 104-112 are empty, until you get to 114. First of all, we haven't built ANY houses across the street! Secondly, we only see this sort of thing in two places: 1. Cary, 2. Durham.
In Cary new houses are being built, so the emptiness of the lots is temporary. They are owned and slated for development.
In Durham old houses are falling down, or burning down when the meth lab catches fire. Empty lots look good compared to the dilapidation next door.

So, the radio dial is either under development, or falling apart.

But that's not the case. Instead, we have a cartel, enforced by the government. In another time we would have called this de facto censorship, but that's insensitive. The government makes the rules about what can or cannot be said on air, they limit the number of entries to the market, supposedly to prevent "flooding", and collect huge rents from those who can manage to make it onto the air.
Thus, choices are limited on the air, and radio sucks.

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Jeff said...

Interesting you tagged this article with "meth." Seems oddly out of place, even next to "Durham." Though it is humorous.

Seriously, though, I love radio! That's why I don't subscribe to satellite. It is what it is, and I can't just wake up every morning wanting to shake the status quo... and believe me, I'm more open to the idea than most people.

Be peaceful. Radio doesn't suck. Except in Britain. :-)