Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Property v Free Speech

Property is the fruit of one's labor. You work, what you earn is your property. You have a right to the fruit of your labor, to keep it or to exchange it. Even if one does not own land, even in the economic sense, one still owns their labor. These are consistent with and dependent on one's ownership of one's self.

Hence we demonstrate that life, liberty (labor), and property are consistent with one another and with themselves.

If we attempt to add another value, such as speech per above, or more commonly (and disastrously) equality, we erode the others and the result is an inconsistency.

Our natural rights are those few which have been demonstrated to be consistent with one another and with the nature of man.

By understanding equality and freedom of speech to be values we speak of them as economic goods - having "value". The natural rights are not economic goods, where they are treated as such we violate the nature of man and the result is unworkable. By treating a man's right to life, labor, or property as an economic good we end up with slavery. Man may exchange his labor for economic goods, but he cannot exchange his RIGHT to his labor.
The difference is subtle. A man may choose to forfeit his life to save the life of a loved one, but no one else can make that decision for him. He cannot forfeit the right to his life. A man may forfeit his property, but he cannot forfeit the right to choose what to do with his property.

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