Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bring your gun to class (for the technician)

Please bring your guns to class. Many of you have concealed weapons permits. Use them. We must take a stand against maniacs and terrorists everywhere and rearm the common man.

The facts are simple. If any one of the victims at Virginia Tech had been carrying a weapon there would be 2 people dead now instead of 33. If any one of the victims on each of the 9/11 airliners had been carrying a weapon there would be a handful of dead terrorists instead of 4000 innocent men, women, and children.

Bad people will always get guns. The only way to curb their violence is to be prepared to respond in a timely manner, to be equipped to defend yourself and the innocents around you. I unconditionally abhor the initiation of violence, but I likewise detest that evil is allowed to roam licentiously unchallenged.

I personally have brandished a weapon on two separate occasions, both with the result that an evildoer was brought swiftly to justice. No one was hurt on either occasion, but property was restored, and bad behavior was corrected.

If you own a handgun, please bring it with you, wherever you go, and know that you have my support and gratitude. If you ever have to use it, you will have the thanks of many more.

To the University and North Carolina legislature, I beg you to repeal the safe zone laws that make schools, universities, and commercial airplanes easy targets for terrorism and crime.

Nathanael Snow

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pay your taxes

Again I say, "Pay your taxes, just don't expect them to do any good." Which is what I think Jesus was saying. We pay our taxes because it is strategic.

We are not to fight for political victory, but for the victory which transcend politics. We are to demonstrate the emptiness of political achievements by achieving more outside of and despite the political process.

Does the state promise you bread and circuses? Demonstrate the emptiness of that promise by providing the bread of life and the adventure of discipleship.

Does the state promise protection from foreign enemies. Demonstrate the emptiness of that promise by loving your enemies and praying for them, settling peacefully with them when possible, and winning your brother over.

Does the state promise welfare for the poor? Demonstrate the emptiness of that promise by giving sacrificially and voluntarily and helping to restore dignity for invalids by providing them a way to serve.

Does the state promise an education? Demonstrate the emptiness of that promise by educating yourself and behaving as the Bereans did. Challenge your mind and ask difficult questions of yourself and others. Work out your own salvation.

Pay your taxes. Then ignore the existence of the state, and behave like a citizen of heaven.