Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What to do about Iraq

I propose bringing home all of our troops from every foreign post immediately and disbanding all federal branches of the armed forces, relinquishing arms to the individual state and local militias.

I don't believe US involvement in foreign affairs is productive. Never, not once, have the citizens of this country gotten out of a foreign conflic what they have been forced to put into it.

This is the only self-consistent solution derived from an ethical imperitive. All other "solutions" are derived from political agendas.

"But, what about the suffering people in other countries? Shouldn't we stand up for them?"

Yes, Christians should. Wicked rulers should be resisted. Force may be used. But only the least possible amount of force necessary to halt the aggressor. After that, force is relinquished. Only Christians are capable of this ethic. Everyone else would demand revenge.

Revenge only gives birth to the next war. WWI gave birth to WWII.

"But, our society isn't governed by Christians!"
True, but Christians should only support public policy up to the point that it agrees with their ethic, and after that oppose it.
We ought not to impose our ethic on others, but we also ought not to compromise ourselves.

"But, such a solution will leave us vulnerable to attack."
The entire strength of the armed forces, and with the the most admantly patriotic, most skilled at arms, citizens will be back on American soil. To attack would be foolish.
To plead for security over liberty is not consistent with the ethic Jesus taught.

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