Monday, December 18, 2006

Christian Bashing

It is okay to bash Christ. That's what the world does to Jesus, it bashes Him. Jesus tells us to expect to be bashed for identifying ourselves with him. For following Him. There's no reason unbelievers shouldn't bash us. They don't have the Holy Spirit, so how can they be good? How can we ask them to be good when they don't have the Holy Spirit, and we know that even we can't be good without Him?
We should not be surprised, offended, or shocked when the world bashes Christians or Christ.
We should be more surprised when they do not bash us of Him.
We should not expect secular institutions such as television stations, stores, corporations, or government to act morally when they do not have the Holy Spirit.

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Juris Naturalist said...

Here's another bit I wrote on the same subject for NCSU's Technician. It only made it onto the onliene edition.

Call to Christ
Christians offended? Christ was only offended by the outwardly religious who attempted to use coercion on their own behalf in the name of God. Christians accept from Christ the command �Follow me.� This engages them in a peculiar ethic which seems illogical and foolish to those who are not following Christ. Aspects of this ethic include chastity, sobriety and love for one�s enemy. Christians adopt these virtues because they are part of following Christ. Often, not always, these habits have beneficial consequences, but the benefit is not the incentive. Following Christ is an end in itself. Christians, therefore, have no reason to adjure others into chastity, nor do they have just cause for offense at drunkenness or �Christian bashing.� Such behavior is to be expected. Their only argument or incentive strong enough to persuade anyone to accept the Christian ethic is the personal call of Christ on an individual to voluntarily follow him. We best attract others to that call by imitating him who called us.