Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Christian Libertarian's Political Platform

Jim Wallis was giving his platform on Voting God's Politics before the midterm elections. I offered an alternative:

The religious right has made manipulation of the political mechanism a priority. The fault does not lie with their particular set of policies, but with the decision to employ coercion in achieving their ends.
The proper response is not to provide an alternative set of policies that likewise require the use of force, but to work towards the abolishment of force altogether.
As Christians we can reform social welfare programs by assuming full responsiblity for caring for the least of these. Unless one's behavior is in response to the call of Christ there is no virtue in it. Forcing unbelievers to give of their wealth to help others through taxation is devoid of virtue. Only Christians can give meaningfully and freely to others because we alone recognize that all we have has been given to us.
As Christians we can change the face of healthcare by supporting chuch hospitals and clinics, and by seeking only restitution and not punitive damages in the case of malpractice.
As Christians we can provide fair wages and safe workplaces to our employees, while providing them with opportunities to "own their own labor" in order to escape poverty mentalities.
As Christians we should recognize that a large centralized government in Iraq will be oppressive of minorities. Iraq is actually at least three seperate nations forced into one so as to be manageable to European Imperealists. We ought to oppose all centralization of government power as paganism and work for liberty for all, not democracy. Allow those portions of Iraq that desire independance to secceed. Recognize that terrorists have a reason to be angry after we allied ourselves with the European Imperialists since the Barbary Wars. Oppose the presence of a standing army in America and bring all our boys home to be productive in enterprise. Establish defensive militias at the local level with no federal oversight.
As Christians we should recognize that marriage is a religious institution and has no relevance in the public sphere. Allow individuals to make contracts amongst themselves and limit state influence to the enforcement of contracts.
As Christians we read the commands to be fruitful, to take dominion over the earth, and to respect boundaries. Property rights are the cornerstone of liberty and good environmental policy. Abolish public lands and make individuals responsible for encroachments onto other people's property.

Renounce the use of force. Take the responsibility upon ourselves.

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