Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Henry IV pt.1

I am currently reading Henry IV part 1 for my English Lit course. Dr. Hester today pointed out how each of the characters in the play utilizes pagan means to their ends, except the hero, Prince Hal. Hal later becomes Henry V, the epitome of the Christian Renaissance king.
1) Is there such a thing as a Christian King?
2) Is it possible to have monarchy outside Paganism?
3) What would legitimize monarchy outside of primogeniture or direct revelation?
4) What influence did the Anglican church have on English Common Law?

Actually, the importance of revelation has also been a recurring theme in this class. I'm going to have to read Niehbur at some point.

I'm currently reading The Politics of Jesus by John Howard Yoder. Am I becomming a Menonite? Or perhaps an Episcopalian?
I have belonged to several churches already: Conservative Baptist, Evangelical Free, non-denominational (read: Calvary Chapel-ite), and Evangelical Presbyterian. I did a brief stint with the International Church of Christ (until they asked to see my W-2), and with the Moravians (they wanted me to be their youth group leader).

Recently I discovered I was a Weslyean. I knew a guy who was trying to start a Weslyean church in downtown Durham. I could have told him he was barking up the wrong tree when he showed up. It lasted 5 years or so before they moved to a more likely locale.

I'm Charismatic, too. Messianic but Amillenial.

Perhaps I ought to find something new to denominate my beliefs. Mysterical perhaps? Pathetical is more like it. Emergent...? Well... they've got the right spirit it seems, but perhaps too much of it.

I'm a generic brand Christian, like cheap misspelled catsup, I've got everything you want, at half the price.

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