Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Debate

The discussion was lively and circular, indeed around a round table. What could I say? The wasp in the tie was there, quoting, "relationship not religion, etc., scripture was insipired by God..." the usual. The hippies were trying to see if we couldn't all get along. When I taught that the different religions were adopted by powerseekers to placate their masses, heads nodded in agreement. When I said that the three goals of all powerholders were to keep the power they have, to use it on someone, and to get more power, the heads continued to nod. When I said that cooperation was the way to do it they agreed. When I said cooperation requires competition, I started to lose them. When I said a free market with voluntary decision making fosters such cooperation they sneered Capitalism, and I backtracked, realizing that that would have to be part of another discussion.

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