Tuesday, February 28, 2006

N & O editorial

I e-mailed this letter to the editor to the N&O today in response to an editorial in Tuesday's paper.

How shall we measure the economic benefit of 395,000 illegal aliens on the North Carolina economy? (Our Open Door, p.8A 2/28/06) Certainly not by tallying up public revenues and expenses related to this demographic! Such a method merely demonstrates that the legislature knows how to milk many cows, even those that are not their own. The overall economic benefit is unknown.
We must not assume that our immigrants are laborers only, but also consider the entrepreneurial spirit each generation of immigrants has adopted once experiencing liberty for the first time, and acknowledge that many of them are also employers. New jobs have been created and the North Carolina economy is stronger for it.
As for the strain on public funds that the immigrant population generates, the problem is with the law not the individuals. Straighten out welfare policies that create incentives not to work for all and you will still see millions of people wanting to come to America. It is our liberty and the creation of new wealth that immigrants are after. They don't want a piece of our pie, they want to help make the pie bigger.

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