Friday, September 09, 2005

Blame God

Whom is to blame for the disaster after Katrina? I think it is ironic, and wrong, that so many are blaming the government rather than blaming God. It is as if people don't believe in God SO MUCH that they don't even cry out to Him when something goes wrong! Who do they cry out to? Their new god, government. Few would recognize government as their god, but that's how they treat it. Who is responsible to feed, clothe, water, house, educate, protect, and clean up after us? The government. Anathema! God is responsible or He is not soverign! We try so hard to make God a loving God that we rob Him of His divinity. What good does it do Him to be God if He can't act like it every now and then!?!
I have also noticed many, and many Christians among them, asking what the government is going to do about... you fill in the blank. Wrong! The question is: what is the church going to do about it? When we ask the government to do our job we cease to be salt and light.

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Lame Pilgrim said...

My dear brother, first I find myself asking the question “Should I mention that editing one’s writing is an important element of publishing one’s own work?” As your comrade and joint-contender for the faith, I offer my humble suggestion that you use a word processor to compose and edit your work before you consider it suitable for public consumption. In a day when so many critics have been trained to tear us apart, we must be careful to include excellence as a tenant of our literary creed. I am sure you will find that you will be critiqued by a different class of reader. After you are satisfied that you have produced your best work, read your text aloud and listen for clarity in your presentation. Use the cut and paste functions of your word processor to move your copy to your Blog.

I do agree with your premise that our sovereign, omnipotent God is the only one that could possibly be up to the task of being God! Our government was not designed to be our god. Our original leaders and statesmen were not moved by the Holy Spirit to produce The Constitution of the United States to replace God’s Word. Adopting The Declaration of the United States of America as one’s creed will not suffice for salvation. I would like to argue with you on one point; I believe that the obligation you defined as the responsibility of the church is actually much more personal. Until we each are consecrated to the task ourselves, the job will not be done. Jesus charged the disciples with the responsibility of being salt and light individually. The finger points to you and me as well!

An entrepreneur in the field of journalism, you must know that when an apologist publishes an article in a public medium, in this great country where the population is given license by the Bill of Rights to criticize your written products, any writer may use your invitation a forum for their own agenda. EdwardMorgan4771 was simply exercising this privilege both by offering a generous comment and an "opportunity" in which he obviously has a vested interest. You will find that this practice is common among those who would boast that they have the ear of "those who make a difference" indicating their liberal biases and their allegiance to the party line. The foolishness expressed by those who would attack us will be confounded by those of us who align ourselves with “The God who is to Blame.” God bless you as you continue to improve your writing skills! LittleOsprey