Monday, August 08, 2005

2 Sam 15

I will comment on Scripture regularly on this site. I am not a fundamentalist, although I am an evangelical. Since learning about Economics and Law I have read the Scriptures quite differently. Enjoy
2 Sam. 15
Absalom returns to Jerusalem and sets himself up as a judge. He sits at the city gate and invites the people to bring their disputes to him. He recognizes the source of respected government to be in the ability to judge. Before he attempts to usurp the kingdom he tries to gain a foothold by judging in favor of certain politically influential people, viz. Ahithophel. All throughout scripture we can recognize a pattern of judges preceeding kings or other legislators. Exceptions to this rule highlight the differences in these roles.

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Lame Pilgrim said...

For those of us less astute contemporaries, please define the terms fundamentalist and evengelical and please give us examples of each relevent to today's fundamental evangelical as I claim as my generic christian label. By the way, I am opposed to people classification as everyone's prejudices tend to slander individuals who have no particular affiliation.